Etikettarkiv: Tina Turner


Okej, jag har stött på musikproblem igen. Tina Fey skriver i Bossypants:

I’m the kind of person who likes to feel like part of à community. I will make strange bedfellows rather than have no bedfellows. In high school I had this friend for a while named Dawn. We were sitting around my house watching MTV one day when a Tina Turner video came on. On the stage behind Tina Turner was a set of giant letters spelling out TINA.
DAWN: Wow. Can you even imagine seeing your name that big?
ME: Yeah, well, that is my name.
DAWN: What? Oh. Yeah.

Jag förbannar mina bristande kunskaper om Tina Turner. Efter en förmiddag av snabbspolade musikvideor vet jag fortfarande inte vilken hon menar.